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How Much Belly Fat Can Be Removed with Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Dr. Brenda Vozza05/17/2024

Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, P.A. offers nonsurgical body contouring to safely and effectively reduce unwanted belly fat.


What Are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Brenda Vozza04/18/2024

Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, P.A. offers innovative, comprehensive treatments for men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Can Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Treatments Help Get Rid of Cellulite?

Dr. Brenda Vozza03/18/2024

Discover the solution to cellulite with nonsurgical skin tightening using Alma Accent Prime. Say goodbye to dimpled skin and hello to confidence!


What Areas of the Body Can Be Improved With Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Dr. Brenda Vozza02/23/2024

Revolutionize your look with nonsurgical body contouring. Alma Accent Prime can target small fat pockets and loose skin in various areas of the body.


How Safe Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment?

Dr. Brenda Vozza01/06/2024

Reduce wrinkles and age spots with laser skin resurfacing. Achieve excellent results and a glowing complexion by following our post-treatment tips.


How Can You Lower Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Brenda Vozza12/15/2023

Discover practical ways to prevent and manage erectile dysfunction in Longview. Learn about the Duo™ device and take charge of your sexual wellness.


How Often Are Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatments Needed?

Dr. Brenda Vozza11/17/2023

Say goodbye to stubborn fat pockets and loose skin with nonsurgical body contouring in Longview, TX. Achieve your desired look with Accent Prime.


What Are the Early Signs of Breast Cancer?

Dr. Brenda Vozza10/07/2023

Learn the early signs of breast cancer and the importance of self-exams in Longview. Book a breast examination now and prioritize your breast health.


Achieve Stronger Erections with ED Treatments

Dr. Brenda Vozza09/24/2023

Explore how an ED treatment, The Duo™ by Alma Lasers, can produce stronger erections without medication or surgery. Reclaim your confidence now.


The Benefits of Getting Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Treatments After Weight Loss

Dr. Brenda Vozza08/28/2023

Explore the benefits of nonsurgical skin tightening with Alma Accent Prime after weight loss, offered by Dr. Brenda Vozza in Longview, TX.


Three Tips to Maintain Results After Body Contouring Treatments

Dr. Brenda Vozza07/14/2023

Discover three essential tips from Dr. Brenda Vozza to maintain body contouring results: a balanced diet, exercise, and healthy habits.


Are Sexual Health Treatments With Duo™ Virtually Painless?

Dr. Brenda Vozza06/30/2023

Duo by Alma Lasers uses unique, state-of-the-art technology to increase the sexual experience and address individuals' sexual health concerns.


Smooth Out Rough Textured Skin With Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Brenda Vozza05/31/2023

The benefits of laser skin resurfacing for transforming your complexion.


Can Skin Tightening Treatments Firm Loose Neck Skin?

Dr. Brenda Vozza04/29/2023

Nonsurgical skin tightening with Accent Prime™ offers a convenient solution for firming up loose neck skin and slimming a double chin.


How Natural Will Body Contouring Results Look with Alma Accent Prime?

Dr. Brenda Vozza03/31/2023

Nonsurgical body contouring treatments like Alma Accent Prime are known to manage excess fat deposits and loose skin. Book a custom appointment today.


How Can Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms be Improved?

Dr. Brenda Vozza02/28/2023

ED symptoms can make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. Learn about the Alma Duo™ and how it manages issues with erectile dysfunction.


Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Diminish Dark Spots on the Face?

Dr. Brenda Vozza01/30/2023

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation usually result from excess sun damage. Learn about laser treatment and how skin resurfacing reduces their appearance.


Three Reasons You May Need Skin Tightening Treatments

Dr. Brenda Vozza12/26/2022

Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments reverse signs of aging and loose skin from pregnancy and weight loss. Read the details of Accent Prime™ here.


Should I Lose Weight Before Body Sculpting Treatment?

Dr. Brenda Vozza11/25/2022

Body contouring removes small but stubborn fat deposits. Discover body sculpting from Alma Accent Prime and why keeping a stable weight is important.


Three Facts About Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Dr. Brenda Vozza10/22/2022

There is no need to undergo invasive procedures to manage erectile dysfunction. Discover the benefits of shockwave therapy with the advanced Alma Duo.

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