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Annual Wellness Exams in Longview, TX

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At Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates in Longview, TX, Dr. Brenda Vozza and her experienced team are dedicated to providing quality preventive care for patients. They encourage annual wellness exams where we can check in on your health, undergo screening for common diseases, and get up to date on any vaccinations. Call or book online to schedule your annual wellness exam today.

If you’re the type of person that only heads to the doctor when a problem when a cold or nagging pain arises, it may be time to rethink that approach and consider annual wellness exams. At Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, Dr. Vozza and her team can examine your current health and develop a plan to help keep those future aches, pains, and sniffles away.

There are myriad benefits associated with annual wellness exams, including:

  • Knowing your current state of health
  • Keeping your doctor apprised of any new problems
  • Screening for risk factors related to heart disease or cancers
  • Recommended steps for preventing future issues
  • Referral to a specialist(s), if necessary
  • Better management of chronic pain or illness

Any individual in and around Longview, TX should partake in annual wellness exams. No matter what your health status is, Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates encourages you to schedule your annual physical with regularity. If you are the picture of health, annual exams allow us to establish a healthy, normal baseline for your medical history. In addition, you will then have access throughout the year to our resources, such as scheduling a last-minute appointment or refilling important prescriptions. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or immediate concerns, annual exams are an excellent opportunity to touch base with your provider about such issues. All in all, we cannot emphasize the importance of maintaining your annual wellness exams, no matter your degree of health or concern.

They were kind and great with my mom and was very thorough…we like this aspect because not to many doctors will take the time to spend with there patients…

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Always called back within minutes of checking in for appointments! All staff are very caring & courteous! Couldn’t ask for a better doctor! My PA, Marla English-Pickett is absolutely amazing! Never feel like I’m just another patient!

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Very caring and takes time to hear you out.

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I enjoyed meeting Dr. Vozza. Dr. Vozza is a great doctor and I am glad she is treating me

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I saw Dr. Vozza recently to establish care. I was very impressed with everything her office has to offer. From the ease of check in, to the professionalism of the staff (Keke, you're awesome!), I was very pleased. Highly recommend this physician and all of her associates to anyone!

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During your annual wellness exam, your primary care practitioner at Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates assesses your current health, makes sure you’re up to date on your immunizations, and helps you create a wellness plan for your future health. At the beginning of the visit, you’re weighed and measured, and the practitioner provides you with an updated Body Mass Index (BMI). During the visit, the practitioner asks you questions about your medical history, including past injuries, surgeries, or hospitalizations. You should disclose any current medications, vitamins, or supplements that you’re taking. At the end of the visit, you have the opportunity to ask any health-related questions. Although this exam may be less comprehensive than your annual physical exam, it’s a great opportunity to do an overall checkup of your health and receive general medical counseling.


For your annual wellness exam, you typically don’t need to complete any pre-exam activities. However, it’s best to go into the appointment prepared to inform your doctor about any new medical issues, such as changes in medication or worsening symptoms of an existing condition. Your doctor may also ask about your lifestyle, such as your diet or exercise regimen, so it’s a good idea to record a food/fitness diary in the weeks before the exam. Be honest when speaking to your doctor about your lifestyle habits, including a history of smoking and alcohol usage. Your doctor is there to help you achieve your optimal state of health.

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As you get older, it becomes even more important to undergo screening for chronic diseases. At your annual wellness visit, you may be screened for:

  • Depression
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Vision/hearing impairments
  • Fall risk
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Tobacco/alcohol abuse
  • High cholesterol

Your doctor can remind you of which screenings you should get at which age and give you referrals for certain screenings that are not performed in-house.

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At Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, we want to help you achieve and maintain your ideal health. Contact our Longview, TX office today to learn more about setting up an annual wellness exam. Our experienced staff is eager to hear from you.

Do I really need a physical exam every year?
The majority of physicians and medical professionals recommend a wellness exam every year to maintain optimal health. Changes in health or the onset of illness can often present no noticeable symptoms and go undetected. A yearly wellness exam helps your doctor not only monitor changes in your health but also to detect health issues early so they can be treated in the earlier stages for better treatment outcomes.
What happens if something is detected during my annual wellness exam?
If we find concerning lab results or other health issues during your annual wellness exam, Dr. Vozza will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your health issue. If necessary, Dr. Vozza can recommend a specialist to provide care for your needs. The primary benefit of an annual wellness exam is diagnosing and treating health issues in a timely manner before they develop into big problems.
Who should get an annual wellness exam?

An annual wellness exam is recommended for patients of all ages. Often, children will be required by their school or sports teams to have a regular yearly exam. Older adults should have an annual exam to monitor body changes as they age to identify any issues early.

How can I prepare for my annual wellness exam with Dr. Vozza?

Preparing for your annual wellness exam can help make the appointment more productive. It's good to gather any medical records, a list of current medications, recent lab results, and any questions or concerns you might have for Dr. Vozza. This preparation allows you and Dr. Vozza to have a more focused discussion on your overall health and any specific issues you may be facing.

What types of screenings might be included in an annual wellness exam?

Screenings during an annual wellness exam can vary based on age, gender, and individual health risks. Dr. Vozza may recommend screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, vision, and hearing. These screenings are designed to detect potential health problems early on, allowing for more effective treatment and management.

Can I discuss mental and emotional well-being during my annual wellness exam?

Yes, mental and emotional well-being is an essential part of your overall health. Dr. Vozza recognizes the importance of mental health and encourages you to share any concerns, stress, or emotional challenges you might be facing. Whether it's anxiety, depression, or simply a stressful period in your life, discussing these matters during your annual wellness exam can lead to valuable insights and potential treatments or referrals to mental health specialists. The practice is committed to supporting patients' psychological and physical well-being at every stage of life.

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