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Medical & Aesthetic Services

Cutting-Edge Procedures

Primary Care Services

Acute Disease Management

Acute diseases are come-and-go illnesses, such as common colds and the flu, that can resolve over a number of hours or up to a couple of weeks.

Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are yearly evaluations that take into consideration every aspect of your health and may involve blood work and a physical exam.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases are longer-lasting or could even be lifelong and may require routine care. Chronic diseases are illnesses, like diabetes and HBP.


An EKG, or an electrocardiogram, is a device that can be placed to monitor heart health and heartbeat in patients with cardiovascular issues.

Skin Biopsies

At Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, we can perform biopsies for patients concerned with a growth on the skin and refer them for further care.

Women's Health

Women's care is just as important for a person's overall health as every other aspect since it comprises reproductive health, cancer, and more.

In-house Laboratory

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, patients can receive their results from blood or urine tests much sooner than they can when they go elsewhere.


Spirometry is a test that can be performed for patients with certain lung and breathing conditions, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
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