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At Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, P.A., in-house laboratory options are available for your convenience. In addition to being easily located in our Longview, TX facility, other benefits of this testing include:

  • Saving time, gas, and money
  • Getting results read by your doctor quickly
  • Assurance of getting a spot
  • Receive a streamlined answer, diagnosis, and treatment


Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates has an in-house laboratory to streamline the process of laboratory testing. Instead of traveling to another location for laboratory testing, you’re able to complete any recommended tests during a scheduled visit. Dr. Brenda Vozza and the patient-friendly team in Longview, TX ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible while completing tests efficiently and receiving fast results. For comprehensive services and time-efficient solutions, call or book online to schedule an appointment today.

Had a great visit today. Really appreciated the help getting my freestyle libre 3 connected to my phone.

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Patient friendly. Staff very knowledable.

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Everything was great as always. Always greeted by my name when I walk in. The front desk staff is awesome.

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Everybody is professional, knowledable and sweet. They make you feel at home. Always positive. The Best Team in Longview.

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Dr.Vozza and staff are the best. They are very patient with me and I am not alwasy the best patient.

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Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates provides in-house laboratory services along with high-quality, comprehensive patient care. Your practitioner may order a lab test to either confirm a diagnosis or determine an abnormality that may be causing you discomfort. Instead of going to another facility, you’re able to simply complete the test in-house, streamlining test results and improving the convenience of the service.

The majority of laboratory testing can be completed in the office, and results are often available within a few days. If your requested service can’t be completed in-house, your doctor gives you a referral to an outside provider to perform the test. Once you complete the test with the outside provider, the results will be sent back to the office for analysis.


The team at Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates works closely together to produce accurate results from your lab test in a time-efficient and thorough manner. Your primary care practitioner will view the results from the test and form a diagnosis of your condition.


Since laboratory testing is performed in-house, you can call Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates directly to see if your results are ready. Often, test results may be ready within a few days. Our policy is that if the test results are normal, you will probably not receive a phone call from the office. You can also request a copy thru our patient portal. If you have any concerns about adverse reactions after completing the test, call the office or schedule an appointment with your practitioner as soon as possible.


Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates is first and foremost a patient-centered practice that wants you to feel comfortable about all procedures related to your health. The practitioners are highly trained, and your test will be as quick and painless as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming medical test or appointment, don’t hesitate to contact the office. The friendly staff is available to explain procedures and address your concerns.

Call Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates or go to the website to schedule your appointment today.

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What types of tests can be performed in an in-house laboratory?

In-house laboratories can conduct a wide range of tests, including blood tests, urine analysis, pathology examinations, and other diagnostic procedures.

How does an in-house laboratory contribute to patient care?

Patients benefit from an in-house laboratory through quicker test results, enabling our team at Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, P.A. to promptly determine the appropriate course of action, leading to faster and more effective patient care.

How long does it take to receive results from an in-house laboratory?

Results from in-house laboratories are typically available more quickly than those from external labs, often within hours or a day, allowing for swift clinical decision-making.

How are quality and accuracy maintained in an in-house laboratory?

In-house laboratories adhere to stringent quality control measures and participate in external proficiency testing programs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. These include regular calibration and maintenance of equipment, validation of testing methods, adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs), and ongoing training and competency assessment of laboratory staff.

What are the advantages of having an in-house laboratory for patients?

Having an in-house laboratory means patients can undergo testing conveniently during their appointments, eliminating the need for separate trips to external labs. Additionally, quicker turnaround times for results mean patients receive timely diagnosis and treatment, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

How does having an in-house laboratory support continuity of care?

Having an in-house laboratory fosters continuity of care by facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and laboratory staff. Our team at Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates, P.A. can discuss test results in real time, make informed decisions about patient management, and coordinate follow-up care more effectively, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to patient care.

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